[textadept] Textadept 3.7 beta 2

From: mitchell <c....at.caladbolg.net>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 17:38:13 -0500 (EST)


Textadept 3.7 beta 2 is available from http://textadept.googlecode.com

Most of the changes are for the new Adeptsense feature.


     * Fixed bug with Win32 paths in Adeptsense goto_ctag().
     * Adeptsense could not recognize some symbols.
     * Handle \\n sequences correctly in Adeptsense apidoc.
     * Fixed bug with Adeptsense C/C++ type declarations.
     * Adeptsense can now recognize more than 1 level of inheritence.
     * Keychain is cleared on key command error.
     * Fixed infinite loop bug in _m.textadept.editing.select_scope().


     * Updated to Scintilla 2.24.
     * Updated mime-types.
     * Line margin width is now 4.
     * Adeptsense completion list images are accessible via scripts.
     * Added class context completion to Adeptsense.
     * Added class type-inference through variable assignment to Adeptsense.
     * Added Adeptsense tutorial.
     * Added option for Adeptsense to not always include globals in completion list.
     * Ctrl+H (highlight word) is now Ctrl+Shift+H.
     * Ctrl+H now shows Adeptsense documentation.
     * Added Adeptsense 'complete' and 'show documentation' functions to the menu.
     * Language modules condensed into single init.lua file.
     * Added sense.syntax.word_chars to Adeptsense.
     * Included libpng12 build for 64-bit Debian-based Linux distros (Ubuntu).
     * Added CSS, HTML, Java, and Ruby modules with Adeptsenses.

There is a new modules repository at
http://code.google.com/p/textadept/source/browse/?repo=modules to keep the
core repository lightweight.

The Adeptsense manual can be viewed here:

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