[textadept] Textadept needs to play catch-up

From: mitchell <c....at.caladbolg.net>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 00:17:18 -0400 (EDT)


I use textadept as my primary development environment and there are a
number of features that it lacks compared to enterprise editors:

   * It is not an IDE.
   * It does not have hundreds of thousands (or millions) of lines of code.
   * It is not considerate enough to wait to load while I warm up a cup of
   * It does not hog my system's resources, nor does it randomly freeze.
   * It does not make me depend on plugins to do mundane tasks like commit
     code to a repository, manage files and folders, or run a makefile to
     build my project.

Clearly this is not acceptable. Textadept needs to play catch-up in order
to gain a wider acceptance. I propose the following immediate changes:

   * Migrate to the Java VM. This will provide the foundation for
     increasing startup time, hogging system resources, and hopefully
     creating random freezes.
   * Accept every feature request. This will help inflate the number of
     lines of code the application has. It will also guarantee an "active"
     state of development with all the bugfixes that will be required.
   * Attempt to write plugins for EVERY possible task that needs to be done
     in development. This way the user will never have to leave the editor
     and learn things, like how to use the command line.

Eventually the editor will need to be rewritten in Java (and Swing). This
will serve two purposes: dramatically increase the code count and gain
corporate acceptance. We all know (almost) nothing other than Java has
been acceptable in an enterprise environment for a number of years.

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