newbie question on textadept fold

From: Terry Chen <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 11:08:54 -0400


I just started to use textadept, and I have a question about folding.
Does textadept only support folding by indentation?
Or is only a subset of language support folding via syntax (like "{", "}")?

When I set[''] = '0',
I get an error: "Lua Error: Table of folds expected from lexer.fold"

Coming from scite, I was a little bit surprised by this. It makes me believe
that I am doing something wrong.
Is there a setting somewhere in textadept to use scite's (or scintilla's)
originally lexer and folding?
If not, how can I go about modifying the lpeg lexers to support folding.
Poking my head around the source code seems to point me to the _fold
function as an entry point to implement custom folding levels.
Am I going down the right direction with this? And does anyone have some
examples of some folding code not based on indentation?

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