Re: [textadept] newbie question on textadept fold

From: Terry Chen <>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 13:15:43 -0400

Hi mitchell,

At the moment, although the dmd lexer does support folding through user
> contribution. I don't have time to implement proper folding for all lexers.

Okay, so this was expected. So I wasn't setting something wrong.

> This sounds like a bug. You modified the property in your theme file,
> restarted textadept, and then what? I cannot reproduce this.

All I did was open a cpp files after making the change to theme file and I
got the error. I am using textadept 3.7 on Linux 64b Fedora 14.

> Again, take a look at the dmd lexer; it may help you. The lexer LuaDoc will
> also be of help: for "Code folding".

Okay, lexer.lua's comment seems pretty good. Thanks for pointing to that,
and I didn't notice dmd lexer had implemented _fold. Thanks, I will start

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