Changing folding symbol to MARK_BOX* tree doesn't work

From: Victor T. <>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 18:17:11 -0700 (PDT)


I'm trying textadept out since I wanted a clean extensible code editor
that uses lua scripting. I downloaded it and played around a bit.
However I am running into a bit of problem trying to change the
folding symbols into a boxtree.

Here's what I did:

 - Copied scite theme and renamed it to scitemod as a starting base
 - In my user doc folder I added a theme file containing scitemod as
the first line per instructions
 - I modified view.lua in /scitemod folder as follows:

-- Fold Margin Markers.
buffer:marker_set_fore(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDEROPEN, 0xFFFFFF)
buffer:marker_set_back(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDEROPEN, 0x8F8F8F)

buffer:marker_define(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDER, c.SC_MARK_BOXPLUS)
buffer:marker_set_fore(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDER, 0xFFFFFF)
buffer:marker_set_back(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDER, 0x8F8F8F)

buffer:marker_define(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDERSUB, c.SC_MARK_VLINE)
buffer:marker_set_fore(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDERSUB, 0xFFFFFF)
buffer:marker_set_back(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDERSUB, 0x8F8F8F)

buffer:marker_define(c.SC_MARKNUM_FOLDERTAIL, c.SC_MARK_LCORNER)

Basically I followed the setting in the scite doc here: However the
symbols don't appear properly. The +, - boxes show up in black instead
of grey color and the vertical lines, closing L lines, and T lines are
missing altogether. Any idea what the problem is?
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