Re: Changing folding symbol to MARK_BOX* tree doesn't work

From: Victor T. <>
Date: Sun, 15 May 2011 14:04:53 -0700 (PDT)

On May 15, 9:16 am, mitchell <> wrote:
> I believe this is unique only to fold by indentation because the fold
> levels do not usually increase or decrease by one, but instead by the
> number of spaces involved in the change in indentation. The dmd folder
> shows the correct markers because it changes the fold level by only one. I
> wrote a lua folder as an experiment that changes levels by one and it
> shows all markers too. So until folders have been implemented for the
> lexers you use, not all markers will show up. Which ones do you use? If
> it's possible, I will make those a priority.

I usually work with cpp but it seems like this problem applies to many
other lexers as well. For example, as a test I renamed the extension
to .cs and the C# lexer are the same issue since it has no _fold.
Surprisingly lua has this issue as well.

This makes me wonder whether the default way of folding based on
indentation is appropriate. I don't understand why the fold level
would ever change more than one based on the indent. Also, doesn't the
scintilla edit control already have folds implemented properly for its
language lexers that textadept can take advantage of? Many of the
other scintilla based editors doesn't seem to have this problem.
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