Javascript Module

From: Brian Schott <>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 23:12:00 -0700

I've uploaded the first version of my javascript module here:

This includes limited Adeptsense-based autocompletion for the built-in
Javascript objects, DOM document, DOM element, and jQuery. On the
subject of jQuery support, I overrode get_symbol for this module with
a version that uses buffer:brace_match to get autocompletion when you
type something like this:


Be sure to add the following line to your modules/hypertext/init.lua file:

require "javascript"

I may enhance this later to depend on my "c-style" module so that it
gains extra features like auto-indenting braces. (This code has been
out for a while on the TA wiki. If you write code in a curly-brace
language of any sort, I suggest trying it out)
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