Questions and suggestions

From: anton <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2011 01:44:14 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

first 3 questions.
1. Why does TA delete spaces in empty lines if you save the file?

2. Why is the default behaviour
in core/locale.lua
  function localize(id) return localizations[id] or 'No Localization'
and not
  function localize(id) return localizations[id] or id end

3. I never see the complete docstatusbar
In an empty buffer I can see only till LF...
If a choose some lexer, I also see up to LF Spaces: ...
Regardless how broad my window is.
I have this issue only on my 86_64 Laptop (Arch, LXDE under Compiz)
(I don't have this on my 86_32 PC)
Does anybody else have this issue or is this specific to my system?

And one suggestion

 I suggest to rewrite the docstatusbar update code from core/gui.lua
to make it more flexible.
One can simply create an array of functions docstatusbar_item
where docstatusbar_item[counter]() should return the corresponding
then one simply loops through this array like
str = ''
for _=1,#docstatusbar_item do
  str = str .. docstatusbar_item[_]()
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