Re: [textadept] ta 4.0 changes in hg

From: mitchell <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 16:12:36 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Hi Robert,

On Mon, 25 Jul 2011, Robert wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 2:57 PM, mitchell <> wrote:
>>> This is strange because I don't think any key handling code has changed
>>> since 3.9. Thus any shortcuts that worked then should work in 4.0. The menus
>>> don't handle accelerators; they just show text.
>> Actually, I wonder if GDK_MOD5_MASK is Alt Gr on Linux? If so, then it would
>> be mapped to META. Robert, can you find this out for me if possible?
>> Uncomment core/keys.lua:220 and you should get the output for each key in a
>> terminal window. If it is indeed, META, I will set meta to false on non-OSX
>> platforms to minimize confusion.
>> mitchell
> Ctrl-Alt Gr-[ gives:
> 65027 nil false true false false
> 91 nil false true false true
> 65513 nil false false false false
> So "meta" is set to true, apparently.
> Setting
> meta = false
> allows me to use the short cuts on Linux.

Thanks for looking into this.

> Actually, I'm still a bit confused about the new (OS X) mappings. I've
> seen the discussion
> on scintilla-interest and I think Neil summarized the different view
> points well:
>> There are different audiences for this code. Some people will just
>> be using OS X and so may prefer closely following OS X standards.
>> Others, like me move between platforms so prefer some trade-offs be
>> made towards working the same on all platforms.

This was made in reference to how similar Scintilla's Win32/Linux key
bindings should be to Mac OSX ones, not which modifier is defined as
which. Scintilla has gone with redefining SCI_CTRL to be the command key:
"On OS X, the Command key is mapped to SCMOD_CTRL and the Control key to
SCMOD_META." Therefore ta is not stepping completely out of line.

> I'm more in the mover's camp, so why not have "Control" as "c" on all
> platforms, and
> the modifier key next to space as "a", be it "Alt" or "Command"
> (formerly known as "Apple" key so there is even a nice mnemonic)? The
> Alt/Option key on the Mac could be named
> "Option" within Textadept.

Obviously there is a tradeoff. Us cross-platform coders naturally would
like to have all key modifiers be the same so we can use the same
keys.conf. However, there are plenty of OSX users that would find the
current bindings more intuitive (I don't think the 'Command' key even says
'Apple' or has a picture of an apple anymore).

Are there any predominant OSX users that have an opinion on this?

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