[textadept] pre-beta key commands

From: Robert <ro....at.web.de>
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 20:07:45 +0200


in general I like the new key bindings a lot, but some ideas:

1. I'd suggest reverting

Replace = cr
Replace All = cR
Run = car
Compile = caR


Replace = car
Replace All = caR
Run = cr
Compile = cR

The run/compile commands have been pretty popular, I think, so many
people would have to change these back.
Personally, I used replace from the find dialog (with the different
short cuts there), I just found out now that it's possible directly.

For zoom
Zoom In = c=
Zoom Out = c-

I'd prefer

Zoom In = c+
Zoom Out = c-

This is what all other applications I have open do. On my keyboard
layout "=" and "-" aren't next to each other.

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