Re: [textadept] pre-beta key commands

From: mitchell <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 18:50:29 -0400 (EDT)


I would like to point out first that these commands are not set in stone;
I encourage feedback. The shorcuts I developed are method-based, not
functionally-based. If you find yourself using a command quite often that
requires both hands and/or some pretty bad finger contortions, please let
me know about it.

Also, it may seem unfair that I have dramatically redefined keys as some
of you may know that I use my own set of keys. I redefined my layout too
to eliminate key chains. I am learning a new layout with all of you, even
though it is different.

On Fri, 29 Jul 2011, Robert wrote:

> Hi,
> in general I like the new key bindings a lot, but some ideas:
> 1. I'd suggest reverting
> Replace = cr
> Replace All = cR
> and
> Run = car
> Compile = caR
> to
> Replace = car
> Replace All = caR
> and
> Run = cr
> Compile = cR
> The run/compile commands have been pretty popular, I think, so many
> people would have to change these back.
> Personally, I used replace from the find dialog (with the different
> short cuts there), I just found out now that it's possible directly.

cr and cR is more consistent with cf, cg, etc. I had given thought to
this, but I prefer consistency over legacy.

> 2.
> For zoom
> Zoom In = c=
> Zoom Out = c-
> I'd prefer
> Zoom In = c+
> Zoom Out = c-
> This is what all other applications I have open do. On my keyboard
> layout "=" and "-" aren't next to each other.

That is a perfectly valid point; I know the layout I chose will not
satisfy everyone. However the logic was that Ctrl+Shift should deal with
selections since Ctrl+Shift+9 = '(' = select parenthesis, Ctrl+Shift+, =
'<' = select angle brackets, Ctrl+Shift+' = '"' = select double quotes,
etc. on my US keyboard. Therefore Ctrl+Shift+= = '+' = grow selection.

I am open to suggestions about remapping grow/shrink selection provided
they fit the Ctrl+Shift criteria though.

Thanks for the feedback,
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