Re: ta 4.0 changes in hg

From: Patrick <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 22:28:03 -0700 (PDT)

On my Mac I think I would prefer that it behave more like a Mac app
than a unix app.

Specifically, this would mean using all of the typical mappings as
well as showing the special apple symbol in the menus instead of a
letter (same goes for alt). I'm also not a huge fan of editors that
force any set of key mapping onto users and forces them to learn them
to be productive. Some editors are nice in that they let you remap
things but that is pretty much enough work that will make me lose
interest before I finish. I'd rather see key mappings themed more
like color schemes. I think Textpad does a very good job of this, in
the editor preferences you can set a "keystroke compatibility" option
to "Microsoft Applications" etc. This makes it easier for new users
to switch over to TA.

On Jul 29, 3:40 pm, mitchell <> wrote:
> Hi,
> A HUGE "thank you" to Robert for infinitely better code for putting
> key shortcuts in the menus. Now "keys.conf" and "keys.osx.conf" are no
> longer required!
> Changes are in hg.
> mitchell
> On Jul 18, 12:16 am, mitchell <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > The 4.0 changes have been pushed to hg and are now available. *You will
> > need to recompile ta to use the new menu code*. Please see the migration
> > page[1] on what is new. I have not updated the language modules on
> > Bitbucket so they will not work properly until you set the correct keys
> > prefix. See the cpp and lua modules for more information.
> > Please treat this as "pre-beta". It is highly subject to change until the
> > beta next month. However, I've been testing and tweaking the code for
> > about at week now and I'm pretty happy with it. I would appreciate brave
> > souls to test it and give feedback so that hopefully only one beta will be
> > necessary before official 4.0. Please let me know of any bugs, duplicate
> > menu mnemonics, or any egregious errors or omissions.
> > Unfortunately Mac OSX users cannot compile and test this because I had to
> > modify some ige-macintegration code and it is vital for stability.
> > DO NOT hg pull from a production 3.9 ta install because it WILL BREAK.
> > Only pull latest hg for 4.0 testing.
> > [1]:
> > mitchell
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