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From: Robert <>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 08:45:41 +0200


On 8/8/11, mitchell <> wrote:
> Robert,
> On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Robert wrote:
>> How about allowing the
>> unicode symbols in the key definitions? They could be inserted with
>> snippets
>> or key short cuts, like
>> keys['⌘^a'] = ...
> No. I am concerned about string comparisons since Lua doesn't do unicode
> string comparison.
right, that could cause problems.

> Is there anything wrong with using the approach in
> modules/textadept/keys.lua for cross-platform keys? It may be a bit more
> typing, but it at least doesn't duplicate commands so custom keymaps are
> easier to maintain.

Mainly, I'm worried about the usage of 'meta'. I have seen Sun
keyboards who actually had a 'meta' key, but nowadays? I find it
confusing to have the same key, 'control', which is in the same
location on all platforms, named differently.
If naming things differently on platforms I'd rather name 'command' as
'meta' as it is mentioned on wikipedia pages for these keys[1][2].
(Even if it's different within Scintilla.)
Personally, I'd prefer to have as little change as possible between
the platforms. That's why I like 'a' for both '_a_lt' (on
Windows/Linux) and 'command' (formerly '_a_pple', probably as historic
as 'meta', but I think people still remember it), since this is the
key next to space.

I think, for my own setup, I'll end up with a short cut layout where
the main functions for file opening, saving, etc. and editing are
duplicated, like
Ctrl/Command-s Save
Ctrl/Command-z Undo
That way it's easiest to switch between platforms and virtual machines
without thinking much. The rest, which is unique to Textadept, can
have the same short cut on all platforms.
(It will probably be difficult with the Emacs/Terminal-style movement
commands like Control-a, Control-e... which I like.)

All this leads to the question we already had, whether TA should
conform as closely as possible to the interface guidelines on each
platform or rather try to be cross-platform by default. Either way
it's simple to put alternative "keys.lua" files on the wiki, so it
simply depends on how you like TA's default to be.
I'd like to see as little difference as possible between the
platforms, both in the backend (core/keys.lua naming of key short
cuts) and in user interaction.


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