Re: [textadept] ta 4.0 changes in hg

From: mitchell <>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 13:50:04 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)


On Tue, 9 Aug 2011, Robert wrote:

> Mitchell,
> On 8/8/11, mitchell <> wrote:
>> Robert,
>> On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Robert wrote:
>>> How about allowing the
>>> unicode symbols in the key definitions? They could be inserted with
>>> snippets
>>> or key short cuts, like
>>> keys['⌘^a'] = ...
>> No. I am concerned about string comparisons since Lua doesn't do unicode
>> string comparison.
> right, that could cause problems.
>> Is there anything wrong with using the approach in
>> modules/textadept/keys.lua for cross-platform keys? It may be a bit more
>> typing, but it at least doesn't duplicate commands so custom keymaps are
>> easier to maintain.
> Mainly, I'm worried about the usage of 'meta'. I have seen Sun
> keyboards who actually had a 'meta' key, but nowadays? I find it
> confusing to have the same key, 'control', which is in the same
> location on all platforms, named differently.
> If naming things differently on platforms I'd rather name 'command' as
> 'meta' as it is mentioned on wikipedia pages for these keys[1][2].
> (Even if it's different within Scintilla.)

You make a strong case. 'm' will be Command and 'c' will be Control on
OSX. 'a' will remain Alt/option. This will minimize the number of changes
to be made. I don't want to change 'a' because that will add a lot more
conditional logic in both C and Lua.


> Personally, I'd prefer to have as little change as possible between
> the platforms. That's why I like 'a' for both '_a_lt' (on
> Windows/Linux) and 'command' (formerly '_a_pple', probably as historic
> as 'meta', but I think people still remember it), since this is the
> key next to space.
> I think, for my own setup, I'll end up with a short cut layout where
> the main functions for file opening, saving, etc. and editing are
> duplicated, like
> Ctrl/Command-s Save
> Ctrl/Command-z Undo
> etc.
> That way it's easiest to switch between platforms and virtual machines
> without thinking much. The rest, which is unique to Textadept, can
> have the same short cut on all platforms.
> (It will probably be difficult with the Emacs/Terminal-style movement
> commands like Control-a, Control-e... which I like.)
> All this leads to the question we already had, whether TA should
> conform as closely as possible to the interface guidelines on each
> platform or rather try to be cross-platform by default. Either way
> it's simple to put alternative "keys.lua" files on the wiki, so it
> simply depends on how you like TA's default to be.
> I'd like to see as little difference as possible between the
> platforms, both in the backend (core/keys.lua naming of key short
> cuts) and in user interaction.
> Robert
>> mitchell
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> [1]
> [2]
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