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From: James Keats <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 15:00:42 -0700 (PDT)

With regard to "integrating the compiler into the editor", I wonder if
a client (editor) - server (compiler) design like that of common
lisp's swank-slime for emacs might be an idea. I don't have much
experience in this area, but it could be interesting. I'm going to ask
the folks in the scala group. :-)

On Aug 2, 10:48 pm, Brian Schott <> wrote:
> I have a similar project going on for providing autocomplete for the D
> programming language in TextAdept. It uses a program (hosted here: to scan through the
> source code and generate a JSON-formatted summary of functions,
> classes, and structures. I then have a D language module for TA that
> uses the output of that tool to provide basic autocompletion.
> I'm not sure about Scala, but with D there's enough possibilities to
> change the code through templates and code mixins that providing full
> autocomplete support basically requires that the compiler be
> integrated into the editor. My goal is to build something for D that
> covers most use cases, but not all of them.
> I'll be uploading my D module to the wiki when I feel it's ready, but
> I can send you what I have now if you'd like some ideas to work from.
> In the meantime, you'll want to read the documentation for the
> AdeptSense module:
> On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 2:38 PM, James Keats <> wrote:
> > On Aug 2, 10:04 pm, Brian Schott <> wrote:
> >> On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 1:58 PM, James Keats <> wrote:
> >> > What is the "commands.lua" file? I can't find it. Is this the same as
> >> > the scala.lua file in the lexers directory?
> >> "commands.lua" is another sign that I need to update my scripts and
> >> wiki pages for the new releases. That should actually go in a file
> >> called in .textadept/modules/scala/init.lua. You can use the files in
> >> modules/textadept/cpp (or lua) as an example of how to create a
> >> language module.
> >> > I love this little editor! I wasn't aware of the wiki, and I wasn't
> >> > aware of version 4's plans. Exciting! haha. :-D
> >> I also have some code on my bitbucket account:
> >> Wow. I really need to update the wiki...
> > Oh I see, so textadept picks up files of the sort .textadept/modules/
> > *language*/init.lua as language modules, right? is that all? and you
> > can put there a tags file too like you have in your ta-javascript
> > modules on bitbucket, right? and i can perhaps use the files in
> > modules/cpp or lua as an example for language module authoring.
> > I may want to do a language module for scala. I'll need to learn lua,
> > and I saw this, and I can
> > build on the great work you guys have already done. I think lpegs are
> > really great as scala is said to be a complex language to parse, so
> > there'll probably be of much use here. I also saw this
> > which seems to use the scala compiler itself to generate the tags.
> > You guys may be aware of the situation right now with scala tools.
> > Some people - jetbrains included - claim that the language is too
> > complex to develop an IDE for. Whilst I'm definitely no superman and
> > no wiser than them IDE-wise, I'd guess that textadapt's openness,
> > lua's conciseness, and lpegs goodness may be worth having a go at it.
> > In any case it may help me get to know the innards of the language
> > well. I could use the file as a starting point.
> > This could really be a golden opportunity for textadapt to hit it big.
> > IDEs are big and complex, and in my experience they tend to stand in
> > the way more than actually help, whilst on the other hand editors like
> > emacs and vim are too archaic - steep learning curve too! - and were
> > designed for keyboards that vanished decades ago. My only concern with
> > textadept so far - only used it for two days - is that when opening a
> > few files it hangs for a bit but eventually it opens them all, whereas
> > scite was quite snappy. That's probably a tradeoff with the scripted
> > openness of being written in lua.
> > What say you? :-)
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