Re: [textadept] Novice Laundry list

From: mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 10:11:25 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Hi Patrick,

On Wed, 3 Aug 2011, Patrick wrote:

> New user here.
> I think I like the no tabs design but I still find that I'm having
> some issues navigating around and being productive.
> 1) When I have many (4+) frames open, its sometimes hard to tell what
> file is open in what frame. I can see the current file in the title
> bar, but that's only 1 of the frames. It would be really nice to have
> the file name at the top of the frame. It just seems odd to need to
> click around just to see the file name. Is there a way to do this
> already?

No, but it's a curious idea.

> 2) I find the Ctrl-Tab behavior to be a bit hard to use in that it
> rotates through files in a given order whereas most things in windows
> use a history order where something is moved to the front of the
> history once you release Ctrl. When I have a large number of files
> open, I find it easier to use a history than to remember my position
> in a large list and which direction I want to go from the current
> file. But maybe that's just me. Is there a way to turn that option
> on?

This is not available, however I've seen this request before and it's
probably worth implementing. The original idea was that since there are no
tabs, cycling through buffers should be linear to minimize confusion.
However, the buffer browser shows the linear list so duplicate
functionality is likely unnecessary.

> 3) I find it a pain when the open file dialog opens to the TA install
> folder 0.000% of the time do I actually want to create a file there.
> My favorite text editors are the ones where the current folder follows
> the document with focus. Usually it's right and that I want a new
> file beside the current on and when its wrong, its probably not far
> off. Furthermore, since I'm aware of this behavior I'll even switch
> focus to something in the same folder if I have one already open.
> This way, when I go to save the new file I just put in the name. No
> need to deal with folder navigation etc. Is there a way to do this?

I assume you are trying to open a file from an untitled buffer. If you try
to do so from an existing file, the directory of that file is used. I
think falling back on the previously focused buffer's filename is a good
idea. Thank you.

> 4) It is a bit unstable. I'm actually pretty used working with
> unstable software, but its a bit scary to do any serious work when the
> editor may unexpectedly crash right out. Actually it literally just
> happened now. I tried attaching to VS2010 but didn't get much out of
> it other than it said that the heap was corrupted (but I don't expect
> that your using the MS C runtime either). Here I just clicked "Choose
> Lexer..." from the menu changed my mind and hit cancel (boom). This
> was with the 4.0 beta, but I had another crash with 3.9 on OSX Lion
> the other night (I also couldn't resize the window by dragging, only
> with the zoom button). I guess my question here is: What is the best
> way that I can capture a dump and get useful info out for submitting
> bugs. I've also been doing C/C++ development for a while so I might
> be inclined to build something with symbols to work with at some point
> but I'm only just getting acquainted.

This is the first "unstable" report I've heard in a long time. I use ta
heavily on WinXP and Linux and I don't remember the last time I've had a
crash. That said, I haven't tested on Vista/Win7 much other than to see if
it runs, opens files, etc. OSX Lion is an unfortunate thing and I was
worried about instability on the new platform. I'm sorry to hear you've
been experiencing problems on those two platforms. If you can duplicate a
crash, please send the steps (preferrably to googlecode issue tracker) and
I will try to diagnose it. I really care about stability.

> 5) I like the document history window as a pop-up on Ctrl-B but
> sometimes I'd really just rather it stay open. I'd like to have a way
> to force it to dock and then change focus there when I hit Ctrl-B.
> Then making a selection and having it put that in the frame I just
> came from and return focus there. This is also handy to make sure all
> the files I was editing are saved before compiling since I can see the
> * in the name. But if it's hidden its more like out of sight, out of
> mind and then I have to troubleshoot a bit only to discover that I did
> things out of order. Is there a way to do this?

Unfortunately, no. I understand the issue though and have been bitten by
it myself for Java development a few times.

> 6) I'm having trouble navigating between view (or frames and I guess
> I've been calling them). This is something I really expect to be
> doing a lot of. Does the short cut really need to be 3-4 keys? That
> doesn't help much. I'd rather that the things l did the least often
> had the harder combinations that make me look down. Maybe even
> something that using the arrow keys would be good as I could move
> relative to the current view. Also, the Ctrl-Alt-Tab is already taken
> by windows (at least in win7).

Thanks for bringing this up in a previous thread and now. These will be

> 7) Great editor by the way, I'm pretty excited about this potentially
> being the editor that I've been looking for ! :) What is the fastest
> way to go from novice to power user to contributor?

As mentioned, the documentation is extremely helpful. Reading the manual
is a good first place to learn the tools to be a power user; browsing the
LuaDoc and later source code is where you can become a contributor.

Thanks for the support and feedback. It is very much appreciated.

Even after nearly 4 years of development, I am happy that ta's development
has not stagnated at all. The feedback I get is wonderful and helps drive

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