Re: 4.0 beta Key Command Feedback

From: mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 07:43:27 -0700 (PDT)


Since the changes in beta 2, I propose the following new key changes:

  * Select Line changes from Ctrl+Shift+L to Ctrl+Shift+N
  * Select Lexer changes from Ctrl+Alt+L to Ctrl+Shift+L
  * Split View Vertical changes from Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to Ctrl+Alt+V
  * View Whitespace changes from Ctrl+Alt+Space to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S

Mac OSX:
  * Select Line changes from Command+Shift+L to Command+Shift+N
  * Select Lexer changes from Command+Option+L to Command+Shift+L
  * Split View Vertical changes from Ctrl+Shift+S to Ctrl+V
  * View Whitespace changes from Ctrl+Space to Ctrl+Shift+S

Any objections?

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