[textadept] Slight API changes in hg and notice

From: mitchell <c....at.caladbolg.net>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 21:12:38 -0400 (EDT)


hg r957 has the following API changes:

* '_BUFFERS' and '_VIEWS' now also have buffer and view keys with index
   values. (e.g. _BUFFERS[_BUFFERS[1]] evaluates to 1, the index of the
   first buffer and _BUFFERS[buffer] returns the index of the current
* 'buffer.doc_pointer' and 'view.doc_pointer' have been deprecated and
   'view.buffer' field added. Use 'view.buffer == buffer' for determining
   if a view contains a particular buffer.
* 'gui.focused_doc_pointer' and 'gui.check_focused_buffer()' is
   deprecated. Use new 'buffer:check_global()' function.
* 'view:focus()' has been deprecated since 'gui.goto_view(_VIEWS[view])'
   does the same thing.
* 'view:goto_buffer(n, relative)' and 'gui.goto_view(n, relative)'
   arguments now make sense. As a result, please change any custom keys or
   menus like the changeset has changed the default keys and menus.

The last one is most significant since custom keys and menus will have to
be tweaked slightly.

Lua apidoc and tags have been updated..

These changes will be in the next release.

textadept.c has also been refactored, so there could be some bugs, but I
haven't experienced any yet after a good day of heavy use. Please let me
know otherwise.

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