Autocompletion frustration

From: Patrick McMorris <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 23:54:49 -0800

I'm not sure if anyone else is continually fighting with the autocompletion
with brackets, braces, quotes, etc. I like the concept, but really, I
almost never forget to close a bracket. What really happens is that it puts
in the extra character that I was going to type anyway and then I need to
change what I was thinking/doing and respond appropriately to the extra
characters that this engine is throwing in. Here is an example of a system
that does something similar but is far less intrusive as you don't need to
alter your behavior (in what you type/press normally) get the advantage.

Maybe there is already a way to fix this but so far I haven't accumulated
enough TA knowledge to do anything non-trivial.
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