[textadept] Potential 5.0 Roadmap

From: mitchell <c....at.caladbolg.net>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 16:54:00 -0500 (EST)


Preface: I am not committed to any of the below. These are just my ideas
that I wanted to share with the community.

With the new release of Lua 5.2, I've started work on Textadept 5.0. It
will be a release that breaks backwards compatibility with scripts due to
the changes from Lua 5.1. Also, I am planning on not enabling any
compatibility options for Lua 5.1 scripts. As a result, much of
Textadept's Lua internals need to be changed since the 'module' feature in
Lua 5.1 has been deprecated. The changes aren't too bad though; the only
things that need to be changed are calls to `unpack`, `xpcall`,
`loadstring`, and `module`.

On a side note, Scintillua and its lexers also have to be updated, so
lexers will their syntax changed from using `module`. The Lua lexer will
be updated to the Lua 5.2 language specification.

In the last couple days, I have managed to get Textadept to compile and
run with LuaJIT (http://luajit.org), the "just-in-time" compiler for Lua.
I have noticed that syntax highlighting can be up to 2 times faster, but
the difference is largely unnoticable on modern computers and usually only
discernable when initially loading large files. Other than syntax
highlighting, LuaJIT offers no real benefit performance-wise to justify it
being Textadept's default runtime. However, the Makefile will have an
option to compile Textadept with LuaJIT in the source release. Although
LuaJIT is not API/ABI compatible with Lua 5.2, it will have all of its Lua
5.2 compatibility options turned on. Textadept will also transparently
provide a compatibility layer so calls to Lua 5.2 functions like `load`
and `xpcall` will still work. This will allow one to write Lua 5.2 code,
but it will be translated to run on LuaJIT (Lua 5.1) if necessary. (Though
things like _ENV may not be translatable.)

As I stated on the preface, I am not committed to delivering on any of
this. I could very well scrap the 5.x series on a whim and stay with 4.x.
I am curious to hear any feedback on this though. If people are
vohemiently opposed to Lua 5.2 then I'd like to know.

One thing that is great about Textadept is that it has a very small
codebase, so changes like this on a dime are quite easy to make with
minimal problems. However, I realize there are plenty of quality community
contributions where problems from a switch can arise, so I don't want to
disregard that fact.

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