How to generate documentation like TA's?

From: HyperHacker <>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 01:11:05 -0700

I've started refactoring some libraries of mine to use the doc syntax
found in TextAdept's sources, and from that been able to generate nice
LuaDoc files and AdeptSense info (which is really cool :D). However, I
can't seem to figure out how to get additional info to show up in the
HTML pages. For example,
has a ton of useful information between the module description and the
function list. I can see this information written in the source file,
but writing in my own files in the same format, the result doesn't
show up.

As an example from one of the files:
--- Simple logging library.
module('rena.log') --for LuaDoc

-- Markdown:
-- ## Usage

-- * log.debug("%s=%d\n", name, val)
-- * log('info', "stuff happened\n")
-- Channel will be created on the fly (with stdout as default output)
-- if not existing.
-- All log.* values are actually tables which can be modified as well as
-- called. The array portion of the table contains items to send the formatted
-- log string to (files or functions). There are also optional keys *prefix* and
-- *suffix* to prepend/append to the message, and *fmt* (a function to
format the
-- message, defaults to string.format).
-- There exists two special entries, *log._transform* and *log._trfunc*.
-- *_trfunc* contains transformation functions; you can add your own following
-- the examples prepend and append below. *_transform* is used to apply these
-- functions.
-- For example:
-- = {myfile, log._transform(io.stdout):prepend('['):append(']')}
-- now'msg') will write "msg" to myfile and "[msg]" to io.stdout.
This looks like the comments in TA's source files, but in the HTML
output, none of this shows up; just the module summary followed by the
function list. What am I doing wrong here?
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