Efficient, results-oriented, veteran computer programmer and analyst with expertise in producing software development and analysis tools, as well as embedding Lua into applications and games. Possesses a deep understanding of the software life-cycle in both the corporate and open-source realms. A quick, independent learner who leads by example and consistently impresses with technical competency and execution. Experienced author with the ability to communicate with technical and non-technical audiences.

Technical Skills

C, Lua, Python, Java, Shell Script, Ruby, GNU/Linux, and more.

Professional Experience

Software Development Tools

Contracting Work

Aviation-related Work

Space-related Work

Software Analysis Tools


B.S. Aerospace Engineering
B.A. Physics

Other Experience




Textadept Quick Reference, Dec 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9912379-0-6., May 2015. ISBN: 978-0-9912379-1-3. (Second Edition), Oct 2016. ISBN: 978-0-9912379-2-0. (Third Edition), Forthcoming. (Fourth Edition)

Lua Quick Reference, Jul 2017. ISBN: 978-0-9912379-3-7.

Conference Presentations

Lua Workshop