Notice: Scintillua is built into the 3.x series of Scintilla as of version 3.8.0. As a result, this project is deprecated and will no longer be updated. Please note that Scintillua is not built-in to Scintilla 4.x and likely never will be, due to compiler constraints. (I am limited to a C++11 compiler, while Scintilla 4.x requires a C++17 compiler.)

Scintillua may still be used as a stand-alone Lua library, but the source code must be retrieved either from Scintilla 3.x release archives or from an hg mirror (must be from the LongTerm3 branch). Lua lexers and the lexer module are in the lexlua/ folder.

Any discussions related to Scintillua should happen on the scintilla-interest mailing list instead of the mailing list.


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