Textadept is composed of many different technologies, which are briefly listed in the following sections.

User Interface

Textadept’s user interface consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) and a terminal user interface (TUI).

GTK+ - GIMP Toolkit
Textadept uses GTK as its cross-platform GUI toolkit.
ncurses, pdcurses - Libraries for displaying terminal applications
Textadept uses ncurses as its Linux, MacOSX, and BSD terminal UI, and uses pdcurses as its Windows terminal UI.
gtDialog* - Cross-platform tool for creating interactive dialogs
Textadept uses gtDialog for displaying interactive GUI and TUI dialogs.
cdk - Widget library for terminal applications
Textadept uses cdk for drawing terminal UI widgets.
libtermkey - Library for processing keyboard entry for terminal apps
Textadept uses libtermkey for advanced keyboard entry handling.


Textadept’s core text editing component is Scintilla.

Scintilla - Scintilla
Textadept uses Scintilla as its core text editing component.


Textadept uses Lua as its scripting language. The editor is primarily written in Lua and includes a few external libraries.

Lua - Lua Programming Language
Textadept uses Lua as its internal scripting language. Most of Textadept is written in Lua.
LPeg - Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua
Textadept uses LPeg in its Scintilla lexers.
LuaFileSystem - Library for accessing directories and file attributes
Textadept uses LFS for accessing the host filesystem.

* A project.