Thirteen (or Tien Len) is a 4-player card game.

Card Ranks

Cards are ranked from 2 (highest) to 3 (lowest): 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3. Additionally, suits are ranked from high to low: h d c s. Therefore the 2h is the strongest card, followed by 2d, etc.

Card Combinations

Thirteen is played with the following card combinations:

Game Play

The player who has the 3s starts and can play any valid combination. Players continue counter-clockwise playing the same combination, but with higher end cards. For example, the pair 3s 3d can be beaten with 3c 3h or 4s 4c. The same applies to runs: 3s 4c 5d can be beaten by 3c 4s 5h. Only the highest last card matters. Players have the option of passing when it is their turn. Once 3 players in a row pass, the winner gets to start with a new combination of his/her choice. The first player who plays all 13 of his/her cards wins and the game continues until one loser remains.

Start Play


While 2s are the strongest cards, certain hands called bombs can beat them:

If a 2 or set of 2s is in play, a player can play a bomb and knock the person who played the 2 or set of 2s out. Play resumes with the new card combination. Bombs can be played even if a player had previously passed.

Notes on Variations