Function List


It's very easy to write short functions that make TA much more useful for editing tasks, but eventually you will reach a point where you run out of keyboard shortcuts, or you add so many shortcuts that you cannot remember them all. This short module attempts to solve that problem by allowing you to manage scripts through a filtered list.


MIT Licensed

module ("_m.common.functionlist", package.seeall)

local entries = {}

-- name = A string representing the function name. Filtering is done based on this parameter
-- desc = A string describing the function
-- fun = The function itself
-- short = An optional string describing any shortcut you may have assigned to this function
--         This parameter does NOT influence any behavior, but serves as a reminder to the
--         user
function addEntry(name, desc, fun, short)
        entries[name] = {func = fun, description = desc, shortcut = short or ""}

-- Shows the menu and runs the selected command, or does nothing if no command was selected
function menu()
        items = {}
        for key, value in pairs(entries) do
                items[#items + 1] = key
                items[#items + 1] = value.shortcut
                items[#items + 1] = value.description
        local choice = gui.filteredlist("Functions", {"Name", "Shortcut", "Description"}, items)
        if choice then entries[choice].func() end

Example usage

local m_functionlist = _m.common.functionlist
m_functionlist.addEntry("under", "Convets CamelCase to under_scores",
                        function(s) return "_"..string.lower(s) end))

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