A short description of my most frequently used modules follows.

Following each description is the .zip file that contains those module's text files.

At a minimum this would consist of:

A listing of the modules follows:


Centers the line containing the cursor and moves to the following line to allow repetition.



Performs a quick forward/backward search for an assigned word. Consists of two assignable modules: FindWord and SetWord. The word may be specified by:

"Word" in this case is defined as a lexical word, i.e.: any sequence of ASCII characters between 33 and 126, NOT a textadept "word" which is really a programming language word - however a simple code modification is incorporated in case you prefer the textadept definition.

The forward/backward nature of the search is specified by the initial argument. So you may assign key bindings to perform any of the search types mentioned above (to include multiple, distinct bookmarks),

Finally, the forward/backward search "wraps". That is, it will wrap to the beginning of document if needed on a forward search, and end of document for a backward search.

The key to using FindWord is that, once the word is "set", it is persistent. That is, after the word is located, you can change it without modifying the set word.



Immediately formats the paragraph containing the cursor. The indents are based on the containing paragraph. The first line of the paragraph determines the initial paragraph indent and the second line of the paragraph determines the indent for the remainder. Line wrap is determined by the value of buffer.edge_column (or a default of "80" if buffer.edge_column < 1).

After formatting, the cursor is positioned on the subsequent paragraph to allow repetition.


TARP (TextAdept Recorder/Player):

A reasonably complete textadept macro facility. It consists of the following modules:


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