Manual Ime



Recent versions of Mac OSX seem to cause issues with changing input methods (IME). As of 2018 26 Nov, nightly and release builds of Textadept provide a function to manually change the IME.


where im_name is one of the input methods defined in's Contents/Resources/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/gtk.immodules file. (Use the first string identifier.) This API function name was chosen in order to provide minimal changes to Scintilla, Textadept's underlying editing component.

You can easily switch between input methods by adding to Textadept's right-click context menu. In your ~/.textadept/init.lua, add the following:

events.connect(events.INITIALIZED, function()[ + 1] = {''}[ + 1] = {
    title = 'Input _Method',
    {'Amharic (EZ+)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('am_et') end},
    {'Cedilla', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('cedilla') end},
    {'Cyrillic (Transliterated)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('cyrillic_translit') end},
    {'Inuktitut (Transliterated)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('inuktitut') end},
    {'IPA', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('IPA') end},
    {'Mac OS X Quartz', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('quartz') end},
    {'Multipress', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('multipress') end},
    {'Thai-Lao', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('thai') end},
    {'Tigrigna-Eritrean (EZ+)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('ti_er') end},
    {'Tigrigna-Ethiopian (EZ+)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('ti_et') end},
    {'Vietnamese (VIQR)', function() buffer:load_lexer_library('viqr') end},

Added the file “ime.png”.

Edited on Sunday, November 25th 2018 at 6:32 AM.