This is a drop-in replacement for most of the text navigation (cleft, cright, csleft, csright, ...) supporting multiple cursors. The behaviour mimics the one of sublime (or the one I would expect).

Also, I rolled a custom 'select word' function, which behaves more like the one in sublime (yeah again...). It features a wrap around and updates your statusbar where it tells you how often the word has been found. Furthermore, if you have an active selection it will search for that one exactly. To fix some issues with multi selection navigation, the selections (which can be from left to right or from right to left) are layouted to be the same direction as the initial one.


There is one parameter to tune (STAY_IN_LINE) which will prevent the user from navigating beyond the end or before the start of the line containing the selection. True is the default as I prefer this behaviour.

Misc notes

buffer.multi_paste = buffer.MULTIPASTE_EACH should be set, but does not work as expected imho.

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Edited on Monday, July 27th 2015 at 3:24 PM.