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Installing the modules in $(HOME)/Library/Application Support in OSX

Most Apps in OSX allow users to customize them by installing extensions in $(HOME)/Library/Application Support/`. I'm using this in Textadept, in order to avoid opening the App Bundle to install extra language modules.

So there are three things to do:

  1. Create the directory for Textadept: cd $(HOME)/Library/Application\ Support; mkdir Textadept
  2. Decompress the modules file in that directory and put the modules direct in it. At the end you should have a directory called $(HOME)/Library/Application Support/Textadept/modules where all the extra language modules are stored
  3. Change the init.lua in the Textadept bundle to read as follows:


package.path = table.concat({
  _USERHOME..'/modules/?.lua', _USERHOME..'/modules/?/init.lua',
  _HOME..'/modules/?.lua', _HOME..'/modules/?/init.lua',
}, ';');

if OSX then
  local appsup = os.getenv("HOME").."/Library/Application Support/Textadept"
  package.path = table.concat({
    appsup..'/modules/?.lua', appsup..'/modules/?/init.lua', package.path
  }, ';')


Edited on Wednesday, January 28th 2015 at 6:45 PM.