This is a Textadept module for spell checking.

Spell Check




Install the files into a ~/.textadept/modules/spellcheck directory and load it from your ~/.textadept/init.lua:

_M.spellcheck = require('spellcheck')

By default the F7 key starts interactive spell check and Shift+F7 marks all misspelled words in the buffer. If you prefer to use the mouse, left-clicking on misspelled words will display suggestions. There is also a submenu in the "Tools" menu for spell checking.

Textadept attempts to load a preexisting Hunspell dictionary for the detected locale. If none exists, or if the locale is not detected, Textadept falls back on its own prepackaged US English dictionary. You can change this by altering the _M.spellcheck.spellchecker field with one returned from _M.spellcheck.spell(). Please see spell.luadoc for more information on that function.

User dictionaries are located in the ~/.textadept/dictionaries/ directory, and Textadept will load any dictionary file in that directory automatically. Dictionary files are Hunspell dictionaries and follow the Hunspell format: the first line contains the number of entries in the dictionary followed by one word per line.

By default, Textadept will only check the spelling of words in plain text, comments, and strings. You can expand this by altering the _M.spellcheck.spellcheckable_styles table.

Also by default, Textadept spell checks the buffer each time it is saved, highlighting any misspelled words. The _M.spellcheck.check_spelling_on_save option controls this behavior.

For utilizing spell check via Lua API, please see the spell.luadoc and spellchecker.luadoc files.

Legacy Download Archives

These are deprecated in favor of the direct link above.

Textadept >= 10.0: spellcheck_0.2.zip

Textadept <= 9.6: spellcheck_0.1.zip

Added the file “spellcheck-0-1.zip”.
Added the file “spellcheck.png”.
Added the file “spellcheck-0-2.zip”.

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