How to close a file by double-clicking in its tab

If you want to close a file by double-clicking in its tab, you must catch the double-click event over the tab bar in textadept.c, notify the lua code using a new event and finally connect that event to close the selected buffer.

Note that you need to recompile textadept in order to apply the changes made to textadept.c.

1) Catch the event

Locate t_tabbuttonpress function in textadept.c (near line 1860) and reeplace it with the following code:

/** Signal for a tabbar mouse click. */
static int t_tabbuttonpress(GtkWidget*_, GdkEventButton *event, void*__) {
  if ((event->type != GDK_BUTTON_PRESS || event->button != 3) &&
      (event->type != GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS || event->button != 1)) {
    return FALSE;
  GtkNotebook *tabs = GTK_NOTEBOOK(tabbar);
  for (int i = 0; i < gtk_notebook_get_n_pages(tabs); i++) {
    GtkWidget *page = gtk_notebook_get_nth_page(tabs, i);
    GtkWidget *label = gtk_notebook_get_tab_label(tabs, page);
    int x0, y0;
    gdk_window_get_origin(gtk_widget_get_window(label), &x0, &y0);
    GtkAllocation allocation;
    gtk_widget_get_allocation(label, &allocation);
    if (event->x_root > x0 + allocation.x + allocation.width) continue;
    gtk_notebook_set_current_page(tabs, i);
    if (event->type == GDK_BUTTON_PRESS) {
      return (lL_showcontextmenu(lua, (void *)event, "tab_context_menu"), TRUE);
    lL_event(lua, "tab_double_click", -1);
    return TRUE;
  return FALSE;

2) Compile textadept

Follow the instructions given in textadept manual to compile from source code.

3) Register the new event

Locate ta_events in core/events.lua (near line 356) and add the new event tab_double_click to the list.

local ta_events = {
  'appleevent_odoc', 'buffer_after_switch', 'buffer_before_switch',
  'buffer_deleted', 'buffer_new', 'csi', 'error', 'find', 'focus',
  'initialized', 'keypress', 'menu_clicked', 'mouse', 'quit', 'replace',
  'replace_all', 'reset_after', 'reset_before', 'resume', 'suspend',
  'view_after_switch', 'view_before_switch', 'view_new'

4) Process the new event

Finally, connect it in your init.lua file:

events.connect(events.TAB_DOUBLE_CLICK, function() io.close_buffer() end)

Edited on Tuesday, May 5th 2015 at 7:42 PM.